Types of Home Improvements

DIY bitsHome improvements takes many forms. Usually we think of home improvement as some form of DIY project, right out to major structural alterations. But even simply keeping you home tidy and in a good state of repair can be seen as home improvement and if you have a garden then a well maintained one will obviously trump one that’s not well maintained.

The Household Basics

Tidy interiorSo you should always start at the basic end by maintaining the state of you home to prevent it looking tired or just grubby. It’s easy to become snow-blind to the creaking doors or flaking paint, cracked seals, etc. A simple once a month or once every three months will keep everything looking ship shape and in a good state of repair.

When you don’t do the simple things on a regular basis, that’s when small problems start to become bigger problems and they’re ultimately more expensive to rectify later.

Next up from the small jobs around the home are the decorating jobs. Either do these yourself, which are quite easy, or employee someone. Each room should be re-decorated every 5 or 6 years, there’s no hard or fast rules here do what suits your circumstances. Taking the 5 year rule normally means one room in the house gets decorated every year and that’s just perfect.

The Garden Basics

Neatly cut LawnIf you’re lucky to have a garden then you’re unlucky in the sense that you have another task to undertake. That task is maintaining an ordered garden. Different times of the year require different amounts of work and the nature of that work changes with the seasons.

We’re not trying to produce a Capability Brown type royal garden, we’re just trying to maintain control over the things that grow. Nature’s way is to reclaim everything back into wild jungle and you can utilise this and have a wildlife type garden but you’ll still need to keep things in check.

For a lot of people gardening is a pastime, healthy and satisfying. For others it’s choir and they’d rather be doing other things. If your of the later group then you always get someone in to help. And it only needs to be once a month in the summer months. Even cutting the grass and keeping weeds at bay is better than doing nothing.

Keeping clutter at Bay

removing rubbishMost people are natural hoarders. When you move into your new home, especially if you up-size, you’ll have acres of space. As time goes by that space seems to disappear. And it doesn’t matter how much space you had to start with – it goes!

Really set some free time have a clean out, you’ll know when! The best way I’ve found is to remove everything out of the room. If you have wardrobes/cupboards in that room remove all the contents. Then start to put back ONLY the things you really want to keep. If the amount you’ve put back is over 75% you’re keeping to much – start the process again.

Anything that’s left over can be sold on ebay, or the plethora of other line second hand sites, so you get to earn money as you de-clutter (another incentive to have a clear-out).

Future Articles

We’ll be exploring these things that you can do that make your better and add value to you property when you come to sell. We always have one eye on that time when a change of job or circumstances means that we have to move house. When that day comes we want to be ready for it and even if we don’t move we want the best house to live.

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